Mouse Sensitivity Converter

Convert your Mouse Sensitivity From One Game To Another

What is Mouse Sensitivity (DPI)?

DPI stands for dots per linear inch. It’s a standard used to measure mouse sensitivity and generally expressed as the number of DPIs that a device can detect. Mouse Sensitivity is how much your mouse pointer responds to the movement.

Higher the Mouse Sensitivity or DPI, your mouse moves faster and covers a longer distance. Your mouse will be slower with the low sensitivity and covers shorter lengths but provides better mouse precision.

Some mouse models come along with a dedicated DPI button to instantly adjust your mouse sensitivity.

How To Change Mouse Sensitivity?

If you are using windows, here are the following steps you can follow to change your mouse sensitivity:

  1. 1. Search for the “Mouse” in the search bar and then click on the Mouse Setting.

  2. 2. Then under Related Settings on the right of your screen, click on “Additional Mouse Options.”

  3. 3. Now a new window will open named Mouse Properties; from there, select “Pointer Options.”

  4. 4. Now drag the bar under the motion section to adjust your mouse pointer (To increase the speed, drag it to the right, and decrease the rate, drag it to the left).

  5. 5. Once you are done with it, click on the apply button, and your mouse speed will be changed.

Note: If you are using some other OS or want a detailed post on how to change your mouse sensitivity, visit here for the detailed version.

How to use this Mouse Sensitivity Converter?

By using this sensitivity converter, you can easily convert your mouse sensitivity from one game to another. All you have to do is select a game from which you want to convert and select a game you want to convert.

Choose the in-game sensitivity to convert from, then enter your mouse DPI, which you can check in your mouse software, and you will get the new sensitivity for your desired game. Here is the list of games that are mentioned in this game sensitivity converter:

  • • Apex Legends
  • • Battlefield V
  • • Borderlands 2
  • • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • • Counter-Strike
  • • Destiny 2
  • • Duke Nukem Forever
  • • Fortnite
  • • GTA 5
  • • Half-Life 1 & 2
  • • Left 4 Dead 1 & 2
  • • Natural Selection 2
  • • Overwatch
  • • PlanetSide 2
  • • Portal 1 & 2
  • • PUBG (FPP)
  • • PUBG (TPP)
  • • Quake 3 Arena
  • • Quake Live
  • • Team Fortress 2
  • • Unreal Tournament
  • • Warframe

How to fix mouse sensitivity issues?

If you are facing with your mouse movement, most likely it is caused by an old mouse driver, the mouse itself is not working well, touchpad driver issue if you are on a laptop and most of the times it is caused by the surface on which you are using your mouse.

Here are some quick solutions to your mouse sensitivity issues:

  1. 1. Try to update your mouse or touchpad driver to the latest one and check if it’s working fine or not.

  2. 2. If you face the same issue, it can be a mouse defect, so check your mouse with any other pc that it’s working or not.

  3. 3. Most of the time, everything else is good, but the surface you are using your mouse is the leading cause of your low mouse sensitivity. To avoid this kind of issue, it is always suggested to use a high-quality mouse pad for better mouse movement.