List of Common Mouse Problems & Their Solutions

List of Common Mouse Problems & Their Solutions

Most of the peoples face different mouse problems every day, it’s very irritating when your mouse is not responding properly while you are doing your work on the computer.

Here are some common mouse problems and their solutions, after reading this you will be able to fix your mouse problem and can use it smoothly.

Common Mouse Problems:

Mouse pointer does not move smoothly:

If your mouse pointer is not moving smoothly there can be two reasons:

  1. Dusty Sensor Area
  2. Dirty Surface (where you are using your mouse)

Clean both the mouse sensor and the surface and you will see an improvement in your mouse navigation. If the surface on which you are using a mouse is glossy or wooden, it also affects the mouse’s movement. So it is recommended to use a mouse pad for better mouse movement.

Mouse pointer freezes:

This problem occurs with an overworked computer. You can fix this issue by closing the background applications of your computer.

You can close the background applications by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Esc. When you press these three buttons a new tab will open from there you can close some applications that you are not using and your issue will be solved.

If you are still getting the same issue, try to reboot your pc to solve this pointer freeze problem.

The mouse doesn’t work at all:

If your mouse is not working at all there can be hardware or software issue:


Try to reinstall the mouse driver, or simply uninstall the mouse driver from the device manager and reboot your computer, it will automatically reinstall the mouse drivers.


Check your mouse cable that it’s properly connected to the ports or check that your USB ports are working properly or not.

The mouse pointer is too fast or too slow:

pointer options

This is one of the common issues people face while using their mouse, and this is mostly caused by the slow mouse sensitivity (dpi). All you have to do is to increase or decrease your mouse sensitivity to adjust the mouse speed. Here you can read how to change your mouse sensitivity.

Problem with a double click:

mouse double click problem solution

You can fix the double click issue that can be the speed issue same as the mouse pointer speed. 

  • Go to the Mouse options in the control panel.
  • Click on the button tab.
  • There you can adjust the speed level of double click. 

How to change the computer mouse cursor look?

changing mouse cursor look

Here are the simple steps you can follow to change your mouse cursor look:

  • Go to the Mouse options in the control panel.
  • Click on the pointers tab.
  • There you will see different cursors look and if you want to explore more looks then click on browse and you will get a huge list of cursor look.
  • Select any one of them you want and click apply and your mouse cursor look will be changed to the new one.


There are some most common mouse problems people face while using a mouse if you are still facing some issue let us know in the comment section and we will try to sort out your mouse problem.

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